How to make money from on the future? Business of Virtual Reality parks
10pm EDT time
September 8 / Wednesday
About the webinar
Who is this webinar good for?
You will obtain why it is profitable to start a VR Business
Experienced entrepreneurs
You will learn more about a new profitable VR market
Learn why it is profitable to invest in VR business now
Speaker: Vasily Petrenko
Hello, my name is Vasily Petrenko. I am the co-founder of Another World company. We make command Virtual Reality games and help our partners to open Virtual Reality parks around the world.

I want to invite you to my first webinar, where I will talk in details about how to open the business of the future and earn money on it.

The webinar will be held September 8 at 10pm EDT time.
See you soon!
What we will talk about in our webinars
  • What it means to start a business with our license
    We will talk about what the license includes and what benefits you get from the our company.
  • How much to invest in a VR business
    The webinar will give you an understanding of how much you need to invest in the business, how much you need to spend on marketing and what you need to do during the launch to make people aware of you.
  • How much you can earn in the VR business
    We will invite our current partners and find out about their results.
September 8, 2021 / 10pm EDT time

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