Another World
World is
Quick business startup
You only need to purchase equipment. Its installation and adjustment takes 2−3 days.
We have improved our business model based on the experience of 100+ partners. You can be confident in the success of your business.
Proven Business Strategy
Depending on the population of your city and the initial investment, we will select the optimal terms of cooperation for you.
Flexible terms of cooperation
We save your time in selecting a room that suits all your requirements. The search for premises is carried out only after signing the contract.
Support in finding premises
A fast-growing net of virtual reality arenas with more than 200 partners in 32 countries.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to try the technologies of the future in their city. We develop games that captivate players of all ages from the moment they dive into them. The Another World franchise gives each partner the opportunity to make VR available in their city and earn money from it.

Quick business startup
You only need to purchase equipment. Its installation and adjustment takes 2−3 days.
Players are no longer limited by wires when moving on the playground.
Wireless virtual reality
The product advertises itself, as, having tried,
people come back and call friends to play with them.
High involvement
A large number of simultaneously playing people allows significantly increase the number of visitors and your profit.
Immersion for up to 20 players
Our dedicated team consists of more than 20+ employees, with experience in different fields ranging all the way from from game development and quest-rooms as well as engagement with various VR and AR technologies. We've come together to create the best immersive VR experience loaded with the best original games that we develop ourselves. We are determined to present the best of the best, combining film and game into one, revolutionising entertainment as we know it.
Vasily Petrenko
Dmitry Besedin
Igor Zapletnev
How we support our partners
We are constantly working on brand development and launching advertising campaigns aimed at developing the network of our VR arenas around the world
Free subscription to all our new games
You will receive for free all the games that we will continue to release for this equipment, as well as all updates to this and the following games.
Personal manager
Your personal manager will accompany you at all stages of starting a business and help you avoid mistakes when starting a business.
Marketing support
We provide all the necessary marketing materials to run a successful VR business. You can also consult on promotions, promotional materials and more.
Game zone from 377 ft², up to 20 players
Can be placed in a shopping center, you get the flow of customers from the passing traffic.
The product is specially designed for owners of large spaces in entertainment centers, shopping malls, and amusement parks. This product is great for attracting a new target audience.
Required space:
Launch period:
Return on investment:
Size of playing area:
Number of players:
Time of the game session:
Transmission of player's body movements:
from 1507 ft²
from 2 weeks
from $10,000/month
up to 9 months
from 377 ft²
up to 20 players
60 min
Meta Quest/Pico 4

VR arena revenue from $8,000 per month

We offer flexible conditions for each partner. The payback period for a franchise is from 6 months and depends on the region and the initial investment.
We offer a complete solution for opening a VR-space in your city. This is the place where companies of friends or families come to immerse themselves in the world of virtual reality and experience emotions that they have never experienced before.
We make our guests happier
Our partners around the world
• Australia
• Kazakhstan
• Luxembourg
• Moldova
• Montenegro
• Scotland
• Spain
• Austria
• Canada
• Denmark
• England
• Germany
• India
• Jordan
• The Netherlands
• Romania
What do you need to start up the business
A room 1507 ft² for companies up to 20 people who use the most advanced Oculus Quest equipment for maximum immersion in virtual reality, where they have to fight against each other.
from 1507 ft²